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Week 2. Theory

The summary will be just a bunge of new or already discussed questions:

Artists working with life on microscale

1. How much do you need/want to explain as an artist working with the life sciences? How do you visualize your projects/ideas? What choices do you make in this?

2. Notice the difference in the role of the bacteria in different projects. For example the projects of Joe Davis: bacteria as carriers, expressors? of the artwork (the ‘artistic gene). Or in Mara´s work Decon: bacterias as the effector of the (decomposition of the) artwork.

Concept of life. Where does it start?

1. the playing for God argument. Can you really create life out of nothing? is that not from origin an artistic in stead of scientific practice? creating somehting out of nothing? (or almost nothing…)

2. If you understand more about the wonder of life, does the amazement and original sense of wonder stop? or does it get more profound? doesn´t every question raises a new one?!

3. Is there a way of being not natural?

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  • Philip Ross, see website.
  • Jun Takita, see website.
  • Amy Youngs, see website.

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Third week’s class

Week 3 Friday, May 7


DNA and plants.


Presentation by: Maurijn Van der Zee. From Evolutionary Biology Group, IBL.

The use of plants by artists.


Discussion over the weeks readings.

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Second week class.

Week 2 Friday, April 23Theory DNA andMicroorganisms.Life as concept. Evaluation of the results of last week’s experiments. Plan a new bacterial drawing.Analysis of artworks created by several artists using microbiology.Issues regarding the public display of this type of artworks.

Discussion of the definition of live organism and its implications in ethical reasoning. This weeks readings.

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