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the flies



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Hereby some pictures from the plates I incubated at home. In the beginning the plate incubated in the cellar didn’t have much growth, but these are the results after a month. From the coloured bacteria I took a swap with a toothpick and inoculated them on a new plate. Unfortanetly some fungi liked the new plate as well….. I did another experiment with fruit (orange, strawberry, blue berry and a white grape) and got nice orange bacteria from the orange and a yellow bacteria from the grape.

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Not much result from the flower seeds yet. These are pictures of when we were sowing the seeds in class.


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I placed my dishes inside closed environments in my house (fridge, oven, microwave, small glasshouse). Back then I had no idea how long they should be exposed to be contaminated, so I had them there for only 30 minutes. After waiting for two weeks only the one which had been in the glasshouse showed some growth, and the one in the fridge had a small yellow spot. I exposed the ‘oven’ and ‘microwave’ dish for another 6 hours, but till today the one in the microwave still hardly shows anything… Big difference with some experiences of other students, where there is a lot of growth without even opening the dish! Probably my house is way too clean and sterile… 🙂

When I was ill two weeks ago I put some of my spit in a dish, but also that one didn’t grow much, strange…

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Summary – may 7

The seminar of may 7 consisted of 3 blocks. The first one will be described in most detail.

It started with a talk by Maurijn van der Zee who was friendly enough to first give us an introduction to his field of research and personal curiosity. Evolutionary developmental biology (Evo Devo) focuses on the development of animals and plants with a special attention on embryonic stages. Its aim is to find connections between different species and common ancestors in the processes of branching and diversification. (more…)

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6 plates of agar

1 Dead Parakeet.

1 Dead turtle.

1 Feet.

1 Clean armpit of sister.

1 Strawberry.

1 Toothbrush holder.

3 weeks later under the microscope.

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Since I can’t seem to upload my images onto wordpress, you can check out my experiments over at flickr:


So far there are images after the first 3 days. They stink already…

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