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Week 7 Friday, June 11


  Prepare the short stories science fiction book for the solar fish project response presentation on Saturday.

DNA extraction from plants.

DNA extraction from our own cells.

Projects in Art and Biology presentation and discussion.

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Third week’s class

Week 3 Friday, May 7


DNA and plants.


Presentation by: Maurijn Van der Zee. From Evolutionary Biology Group, IBL.

The use of plants by artists.


Discussion over the weeks readings.

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Second week class.

Week 2 Friday, April 23Theory DNA andMicroorganisms.Life as concept. Evaluation of the results of last week’s experiments. Plan a new bacterial drawing.Analysis of artworks created by several artists using microbiology.Issues regarding the public display of this type of artworks.

Discussion of the definition of live organism and its implications in ethical reasoning. This weeks readings.

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The course will have four practical classes where we will develop and experiment with biological techniques and do simple exercises that will refer to the concepts present in lots of works of art and biology. Also we will have four theoretical classes used to discuss four concepts I feel are crucial to considerations of ethical nature related to the above mentioned works of art and artistic concepts central to them (Life, Evolution, Sentience, Animal Experimentation)

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