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Hereby some images of last weeks class.

-Plant DNA
-Nice contamination
-Modified butterfly wing
-The butterfly itself (has some really nice detail when zoomed in!)



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As I promised in class, here is the ashera cat and the website/company that sell it. Go to hypoallergenic pets to see the how to make an allergen free pet!


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Plant experiment

Oops… This happened to the plant experiment, after I left them in the sun… without water… Luckely this was a ‘home experiment’ because who knows which plant-activists I might have got after me when it was done in the lab ; )

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green jewelry

plant results after 2 weeks. from left to right: from little finger to thumb: Alfalfa, “tuinkers”, sugar pees, dwarf beans , Sun flowers.

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Not much result from the flower seeds yet. These are pictures of when we were sowing the seeds in class.


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Frederiques plants

Here are some pictures of my plant experiment after one week.  All the seeds  with the cotton in the glove have grown. While some other seeds that had less cotton, but more growth factors have not (yet) grown that well.

How do I make the pictures visible? When I use upload I don’t see how I can put my pictures with this post.

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