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Week 6 Friday, June 4


Animal Experimentation The use of live animals in art.

Use of human biological material in art.

Ethical and safety issues.

Discussion about the response to the solar fish project ideas.

Completion the streptomyces experiment

Guest: Luis Graca,  (confirmed)

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Not much result from the flower seeds yet. These are pictures of when we were sowing the seeds in class.


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moral doubts

I was just wondering if some of you felt the same after the experiments we did in the class:

Allthough in the class I really made up my mind and decided to manipulate the butterfly, at home when I explained what we did I felt I couldn’t really justify why I did it.  I gave the whole class a second thought and then it occured to me that the main reason I did it was out of curiousity.

Can curiousity alone make you forget initial moral limits?

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Fith Week

Week 5 Friday, May 28


Animals and the human body. Tetrahymena Thermophilia

7 gender organism.

Verify growth of plants.

Zebra fish, the first cell division of a new organism and how can we do selective breeding?

Guest: Daniel Pijnappels

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This one reminds me of the mastercard logo. I’ll post some more pics tomorrow.

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Some small developments on the plates. I tried to have a more artistic approach while photographing them this time. I think I made a remark last time that some of the plates reminded me of abstract expressionist painting, well why not approach it like that. Although some of the colonies are very small they do seem to be three dimensional in shape and I also tried to capture some of that.


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